Ford makes a colossal investment in self-driving cars AI


Peter Rander, who worked at Uber until September 2016 in the field of autonomous driving, together with multi-year veteran of Google’s self-driving team, Bryan Salesky, have been operating in secret their newly founded startup for some months now from its Pittsburgh headquarters. Basically Argo is being bought by Ford, as the American multinational automaker will now own a majority stake in the company. Publicly though, the deal is portrayed as being an investment instead of an acquisition.

According to Ford CEO, Mark Fields, Argo AI will help Ford develop their autonomous system for a self-driving car as part of the announced partnership. For plans to put an autonomous vehicle on the road by 2021. The CEO declared: “Argo AI’s initial focus will be solely and exclusively to support Ford’s efforts to bring our autonomous vehicle to the marketplace”. Ford did not answer questions regarding Argo’s team size. But Argo co-founder Bryan Salesky declared that he wants his company to expand to more than 200 people by the end of this year.


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