The Federal Trade Commission sues D-Link over unsecure webcams and routers


The lack of action of the Taiwan-based D-Link Corporation has left a large number of its users at risk of being compromised and having their personal information stolen. According to the Federal Trade Commission, D-Link also failed to keep its own security keys confidential, test for security flaws, protect against 0-day exploits and even take the needed steps to secure login credentials on their mobile devices. The FTC noted in the complaint, filed on Thursday, that thousands of customers are at risk of being hacked due to different vulnerabilities or lack of protection.

This is not the first time the lack of action from a company in regards to security concerns has triggered the FTC to file a complaint against a manufacturer. More than 3 years ago the commission settled a complaint against TRENDnet for concerns that its home cameras were not secure and beginning of last year with ASUS over unsecured Internet routers.


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