Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer was fined with $106 million


Phenytoin sodium capsules are used in the treatment of epilepsy to prevent and control seizures, and are an important drug for an estimated 48,000 patients in the UK. As a result, Britain’s National Health Service annual spending for the drug rose from roughly $2.5 million in 2012 to approximately $63 million the following year. “Businesses are generally free to set prices as they see fit but those holding a dominant position should not abuse this situation and set prices that are excessive and unfair,” Philip Marsden, chairman of the CMA’s case decision group for the investigation, said in a statement. Additionally, a £5.2 million fine applies on the distributor Flynn Pharma. The medication was “a loss making product” for the company, Pfizer said in a formal statement. The company denied the allegation and said it would appeal.


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