Comcast announced data caps in new locations for its Internet plans


Comcast will charge its Internet users that consume more than the included 1 terabyte bandwidth $10 extra for an additional 50 GB of data. Internet speeds are not affected. In case of users that exceed the allocated bandwidth multiple times within a month, the company explained that it will also cap the additional cost to $200. After this, the user will truly have an unlimited data plan as Comcast won’t charge extra for used data.

Since this latest move will reach the majority of the telecom giants customers, Comcast will make its data users aware of the new limits by sending “in-browser notices” and an email every-time somebody reaches half or is at the end of the provided data plan traffic. There is also the possibility that additional notices are set in order to inform the user via text messages when he/she gets past a certain percentage of the allocated bandwidth.


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