Intel’s $25 million man explains why he slammed the company in a leaked memo


The leaked memo shows how Renduchintala harshly criticizes Intel’s current lack of focus and slow management. “Over the last three months I have conducted numerous project reviews with our execution teams, and there is a clear trend that has emerged in these reviews — a lack of product/customer focus in execution that is creating schedule and competitiveness gaps in our products,” read the note picked up by The Oregonian’s Mike Rogoway.

Venkata Renduchintala defended the language he used in the note during an interview at Citi Conference: “I don’t think the contents of the memo was anything other than a reflection of my thoughts after three months being there, and I think they were more in terms of areas where we could refine and adjust our approach as opposed to maybe the interpretation in the press of something being really broken…It was really written as essentially a very honest communication between myself and my direct staff.” His perceptions and general observations, which were made clear in the memo, are meant to be challenged, according to Intel’s second most powerful executive.

Unfortunately, all the current changes Intel is facing are causing anger among old timers. Because of this, two long time executives, Doug Davis and Kirk Skaugen, announced their departures not long after Renduchintala was hired.


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