Apple wins more than $1 billion in patent case against Samsung


They found that Samsung had more than inspired and actually copied critical features from the iPad and iPhone. The jury decided Samsung Electronics Co. infringed 6 out of 7 patents for its mobile phones and tablets. The verdict may also lead to a Samsung sales ban as the sales of these Samsung electronic products violate Apple’s rights.

Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc. battled in court for the supremacy of the $200 billion handheld electronics market over the last year. Experts agree that the verdict came much sooner than expected. Apple first filed a suit against Samsung in April 2011 when it asked for $2.5 billion in damages for patent infringement. Apple won less than half the amount of money they were after but Lucy Koh, the U.S. District Judge, may triple the amount under federal law. The verdict will most likely solidify Apple’s number one spot in the exploding mobile market. Apple could now attack other companies that sell smart mobile-phones that are similar to iPhone’s design.

The verdict can be indeed bad news for many smartphones or tablets manufacturers. As Samsung’s attorneys already pointed out Apple’s damage claim against Samsung for copying their design is “ridiculous”.  They explain that Apple has no right to claim that a rectangle shape design with rounded corners is something unique that only Apple can use. The verdict could drastically reduce the choices of consumers as many manufacturers will stay away from many things similar to Apple.


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