Parcel firm’s mobile app sparks home safety concerns


The application alerts DPD drivers when its customers are out and can also alert when they come back. To make things even more creepy the company encourages everybody to enter details about their daily routine: personal details like when you have to go to pick your kids from school or your work core time. Users have to explicitly agree for their data to be collected. The company’s initial idea wasn’t half bad. They wanted to find a way to better organize their rounds in order to avoid times when their customers are not at home.

This application also helps DPD easily find the best time to reschedule a missed delivery. Experts are however worried. The data DPD collects is like a real honey-pot for thieves. Criminals are increasingly using advances in digital technology to plan burglaries. If they manage to hack DPD’ system and gain access to such a database anyone can easily become a victim.


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