FTC declares Facebook lied about its verified apps



The Federal Trade Commission finished its privacy settlement with Facebook. The FTC was checking to see if the social network failed to keep consumer information private. During the check it was found that Facebook verified applications were not so verified after all.

An application that undergoes Facebook’s Application Verification Program is presumed to be safe for use. These applications receive higher search results positions. Facebook also displays a check-mark and a Facebook verified badge next to a verified application name. This sends a strong message about that particular application.

According to the Federal Trade Commission Facebook has intentionally mislead users and developers in regards to how applications are really verified. The “Verified Apps” notion was nothing more than a cash cow.

After the $375 payment for evaluating the security of the application was made, Facebook should have started checking that particular application. There is proof that no such checks were ever done. Instead the applications were just marked as “verified”.



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