Clash between Apple and Samsung Continues


Marketing professor of LIT, John Hauser said, “we surveyed over consumers at internet. We inquire how much they want to pay for some technologies in lawsuit, such as multi-touch and scrolling which is offered by Apple that Samsung stole those from U.S. Company.”

However, the study is going to relate the real world decision making of the customer.

In addition, Boris Teksler, the patent portfolio director described the licensing strategy of the company and said, “I could reckon “on one hand” the number of examples it that has accepted other companies for using its design patterns.” At last, he didn’t tell about those companies.

Apple and Samsung are two giant smartphone companies, which are controlling more than half of the total sales of smartphones worldwide. Now, these two are in patents clash for the industry ascendancy.

The U.S. Company indicted Samsung for imitating some designs and feature of Apple’s iPhone and iPad. They are asking for banning sales as well as financial damages. A new Korean company (which is trying to enter in the United States) said, “Apple breached some of the main wireless technology patents of our company.”

Therefore, at the end of the day Hauser said, “The consumers of tablets are willing to pay 90 dollar for the same features what they had to pay $100 for the smartphone.” This information seems to be relevant when measuring the damages of Apple Inc. because it is accusing $2.5 billion from the Samsung.

The attorney of Samsung, William Price told to Houser that why don’t he tell jurors about how much consumers want to pay for the special features like additional memory of computer of different model of tablets which could be compared with the price of real world that Apple charged.

Hauser said, “This issue relates with how much consumers want to pay but it is not it.” When Apple is not banded to license some categories of patents, it is resistant to allowing other companies accessed the technology which seems core to its. Those are unique experience of user, said by Teksler.

Apple is the biggest customer to the Samsung for tablets and smartphones parts. Teksler said,” we are quite shocked. They were our trusted partner.”



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