Journalist Mark Harris was hired by Kickstarter to explain the Zano disaster


During the six weeks of investigation, Harris talked with everyone involved with Zano and Torquing Group. The conclusion was that while Zano did not begin with malicious thoughts, what happened to the project was due to them ultimately mishandling key factors. Zano obviously had an effective PR machine which helped them make the project viral. This in turn attracted 12000 backers that contributed in total with $3.5 million. Journalist Mark Harris saw in Zano underwhelming skill sets and overblown confidence.

Zan’s supply chain was not 100% ready to go as they originally advertised on theit campaign page. According to legal documents not only did Torquing spend the entire Kickstarter funding but they gone in debt with another $1.4 million. In the end Zanos did send the backers a product. People were unhappy with their received drones. Expecting autonomous drones, many were even shocked to receive drones that were “barely operational”. Harris’ conclusion was “I do not believe that the creators possessed the technical or commercial competencies necessary to deliver the Zano as specified in the original campaign”


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