Google’s “Search by image” algorithm improved


The idea is simple: you can use a snapshot, a photo from your camera or even downloaded images and drag them in the search bar from Image Search. will then automatically upload your image to their servers and do a search based on image analysis results. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Can really identify with this in terms of search relevancy? Experts argue.

One thing is sure. Ever since Google released the new option called “Search by Image” in June 2011 it continued to improve its image analysis algorithm so it can offer more relevant results. Google’s “Search by Image” option comes in the spotlight because according to Google it was revamped.

Google managed to integrate a new algorithm based on the Knowledge Graph functionality. This means that “Search by Image” searches will no longer offer as results just the exact same image in different sizes but also related images that represent the same object or landscape.


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