Apple workers Underpaid


Apple is playing the “King” role all over the world because of its flawless new design, adroit service as well as impressive revenue. At the previous year, Apple’s 327 stores has generated more revenue per square feet than other American retailers. It has generated money almost double of Tiffany was the second revenue generating research firm.

Apple’s stores has sold more than $16 billion merchandises worldwide. But the issue is, very few employees of this giant company can enjoy the pleasure of the huge wealth. The consumers of Apple may think that its headquater in Cupertino is the core of this company but lots of the works of Apple’s worker in USA aren’t engineer with handsome salaries and other bonuses but the hourly can earn more by selling Macbooks and iPhone.

Among 43000 apple employees, 30000 are working as member of service economy in this country. Most of them get $25000 in a year. They work and serve their intelligence for the most valuable firm of the country as well as the fast growing company. The chief executive of this firm is Tim Cook. At the previous year, he has got stock allowance which will worth more the $570 million according to recent share price of the country. As Apple is a supreme retailer, when we talk about its lowliest employees then Apple is a reflection of Tech industry.

There are many unknown millionaires around the word for the blessings of advanced computing as well as internet. But this giant Tech industry is offering service work like sales employees, repairmen, customer representative which serve very little of its actual wealth.

In this growing world, the growth of job is accomplished by service-related job and any kind of recovery will be executed as well as continued by the segment of economy




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