People can pay for their McDonald’s burgers with hugs and selfies


The company wants to stress the “lovin'” aspect of their slogan, “I’m lovin’ it”. The campaign will be kicked off with a $4.5 million Super Bowl commercial and will last until February 14. During this time the lucky people who will get to use lovin’ instead of money to pay for their burgers or other food items can do more than just making selfies of their-selves or hugging people. McDonald’s employees will become “Lovin’ Leads” and will be in charge of letting potential customers know if they have been selected to show some lovin’ instead of paying for their food.

Apparently a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese could be paid with a friendly bump with the crew member on duty or with a call to your mother or loved ones. The idea of a fast-food chain offering paid interest for selfies is not new. In 2014 McDonald’s paid $20 per selfie for the rights to select selfies of clients with the chain in the background from popular mobile application marketplace Scoopshot.


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