Google bought city guide application Jetpac and ended Apple support


A quote from Jetpac describes the company and the services it provides as follows: “Jetpac City Guides is a visual guide to local recommendations for over 6,000 cities all around the world, from San Francisco to Kathmandu… No endless lists or reviews homework. People vote places up by sharing photos on Instagram.

Jetpac City Guides are fun Top Ten lists ranked by Snappyness Rating. The top Hipster Bar in San Francisco by Snappyness is the one with the most photos and photos of Hipsters shared.”

Behind ’s decision to buy Jetpac there are at least two motives. The first one we already presented above while the second one is to bring in more know-how and technology into its already advanced Maps service. While the sales figures were not disclosed most likely did not pay much for Jetpac. The most probable future for Jetpac is now to become part of Google’s laboratory applications which could either be rejected or enhanced. The application will also be promoted in the Play Store and depending on its popularity Google will most likely decide its future.


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