A renewed Apple-IBM partnership relationship was announced


Both corporations will have a big gain from it. Apple wants to get into and really understand the enterprise world where it currently has a low penetration. On the other hand IBM also has a lot to win here as it will get more leverage in competing against Dell and HP. IBM will get access to popular devices such as Apple’s iPhone (including the upcoming iPhone 6), iPad, iPod and even Apple’s future iWatch.

The partnership is a reason for other big corporations to worry. Microsoft and could face loosing the upper hand they currently have in the enterprise world by offering reliable “cloud-first” services. Experts agree that Apple won’t be able to provide the same level of mobile-cloud integration from the very beginning. Nonetheless if this partnership is everything it was set up to be then IBM together with Apple could just get in front of HP and and become the number one choice for corporate customers at least in terms of services provided in the field of cloud-storage and cloud-computing.


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