Google decided to buy Skybox Imaging


The resolution is high enough to observe objects that impact the global economy like terrain, cars and shipping containers, from any place on Earth multiple times a day. This is good to improve mapping service. But has a second goal in this case: his project to offer Internet connection on every place of the world, actually developed using some balloons and drones on “Project Loon”, can grow significantly if more satellites will be launched. If more people will access the Internet using their service, ’s income from the published ads , actually an annual revenue of $55 billion , will grow. It’s a win-win situation including both Google and the end user of its services. To take control of Skybox Imaging within the next few months Google needs approval from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and from  the Federal Communications Commission. Just to remember, two months ago Google bought drone maker Titan Aerospace.


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