Ignorance was producing the safety problem on GM cars


Stopping the engine disables the power-assisted steering and brakes and can cause drivers to lose control. At the same time it also disables the air bags. The consequence of the existence of this issue was dramatic for some cars’ users producing at least 13 deaths. Another unconfirmed yet information reported 60 deaths. General Motors has dismissed 15 employees and disciplined five others during the investigation. GM CEO Mary Barra described the conclusions of the investigation as “extremely thorough, brutally tough, and deeply troubling.” The individuals involved simply didn’t do enough, he said. In other words, it was a neglected aspect in their work, they were ignorant. The new switch, used for replacement, was already in use of the company for another car model. The automaker is establishing a compensation fund for victims of accidents caused by the defect and families of the victims. 230 employees were interviewed and 41 million documents were considered to produce the report about this safety problem. Due to this technical issue improperly treated, last month GM paid a $35 million fine.


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