Nintendo will bundle digital games to increase sales


To qualify for the deal and having at the same time the benefit of a 20 percent discount for new buyers, gamers have to purchase an additional game at the full price with their console. They will receive after for free one digital copy of Pokemon X or Pokemon Y, best selling games of the company. That means that Nintendo will sell more consoles. This formula was applied by Nintendo last year offering a digital copy of The Legend of Zelda with the Wii U. A similar tactic was already developed by some competitors like Microsoft related to the “add value” gift for the Xbox One console.
The analyst opinion is however that in despite of their efforts to maintain the market, Nintendo’s future will remain uncertain, at least until they will imagine a way to be competitive in relation with the dominant mobile players including Apple, and Amazon.
Nintendo was first founded as a card company in 1889 and developed into a video game business becoming one of the most influential in the industry.


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