Jack Daniel’s sues Popcorn Sutton’s over whiskey bottle label


Popcorn Sutton’s Tennessee White Whiskey became known back when Marvin Popcorn Sutton was still alive. Back then he was an iconic figure and people watched his homemade videos showing anyone how to produce their own moonshine. In 2009 in order to avoid being sent to jail over illegal manufacturing of moonshine the man committed suicide.

Popcorn Sutton’s was originally being sold in small mason jars. However, as part of a change that was meant to increase profits and sales the company decided to bottle the beverage. Ironically some bar owners say that sales for the Popcorn Sutton brand have actually dropped since then. Now Jack Daniel's filed legal actions against the brand and have asked Popcorn Sutton's to hand over any profit made from bottle sales. The reason behind this request is that their new label looks so close to theirs that it will surely cause confusion amongst Jack Daniel's customers and some might think Popcorn Sutton's is a new Tennessee white whiskey product in the Jack Daniel's line.


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