Google looses contract with Pentagon that fueled its jet fleet at low cost


Officials at sponsored the initial special agreement because was involved in a different agreement in which executives signed to perform related transport and other specific scientific flights. Now, an ongoing audit will analyze the relationship between Google founders and Pentagon's inspector general who arranged the deal. The audit will also check the nature of the little known contract.

Now heads are turning everywhere and everyone is asking why some executives getting a special deal on fuel that isn't available to other businesses. An analysis made on the data from 2009 until today revealed that the company bought more than 2.3 million gallons while paying an average of $3.19 per gallon.

The recently terminated contract had a clause which stated that the discounted fuel shall only be used "for performance of a U.S. government contract, charter or other approved use". Any violations to the contract could have triggered criminal or civil penalties. A recent analysis suggests that Google might have violated the contract as trips to , to the Caribbean island of Tortola and other exotic destinations also show on Google's jet fleet destination list.


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