Samsung’s increased sales figures position the company as a market leader


Apple has indeed seen better days. Its market share has just hit a new low in a three year time-span window. Research firm Strategy Analytics (SA) released figures showing that Samsung accounts for 5 percent short of one hundred of the total Android smart-phones sales. According to their research the constant high demand for Samsung’s Galaxy S4 handset helped the company boost its figures.

According to the study conducted by the same research firm, Samsung has supplied during the period April to June: 2.4 times more phones worldwide than Apple did. Comparing this year’s figures with those for the same period from last year one can clearly see that Samsung continues to grow increasingly compared to its rival Apple.

Figures from industry intelligence firm IDC say that Apple shipped 31.2 million smartphones from April to June.

Other competing companies from the industry including ZTE, Lenovo and LG, which had 4.2 per cent share, 4.7 per cent and 5.1 per cent respectively, were left way behind with their market share.

It should be noted that the most recent release made by the Korean company was in September 2012, iPhone 5, while Samsung launched Galaxy S4 in March this year. In May, Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, which may be the reason why the company’s sales were higher.

Instead there are rumors that Apple has scheduled the launch of iPhone 5S for September and a cheaper plastic model iPhone Lite.This release can lead to recovery of lost ground against its main competitor but could impact the brand’s image altogether because right now the Apple name is associated with premium items and not with cheap stuff.



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