Hulu sale was canceled as owners decide to invest more


None of the online streaming service website’s owners was willing to part with it even though this is the second time in no more than two years when Hulu’s parents and investors took offers from would-be buyers only to later change their mind about the sale. was launched back in 2008 and from its very beginning it was intended that the site would offer TV shows and movies legally to consumers world-wide. Now Hulu helps people around the world enjoy premium video content anytime and anywhere.

During a Hulu upfront presentation in New York, acting CEO Andy Forssell explained Hulu’s new strategy. Investors will provide an extra $750 million which will be used to ensure Hulu’s growth in the future. Rumors say that this recent change of heart came after a high end bidding value of around $1 billion. Hulu was valued at least double that amount in April 2012.


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