Chrysler between “yes” or “no” about the Jeep’s recall ordered by NHTSA


Deadline for NHTSA request was fixed hor Thursday , June 18 but Chrysler rejected conformation and it’s preparing to say “no” officially. It’s about 2.7 million Jeeps to be subject of this request. However, the producer affirmed there is no defect in the fabrication.

Advocates appreciated there is a possibility to invoke the 10 year statute of limitation. This is explained even on the NHTSA’s website. The age of the vehicle is calculated from the date of sale to his first purchaser.
In fact, about this Jeep’s supposed recall, some minor modifications are to be made to obtain a better safety. But even though a valve costs only few dollars, the montage is difficult. The problem of those incriminated cars is the improper position of the fuel tank, susceptible to rupture in accidents.

The last time an automaker denied a NHTSA recall request was in 2011 (this was about Ford).
If Chrysler’s affirmed position will not change it is possible that a federal court’s decision will be asked.
There are rumors about a last hour possible change of decision from the Chrysler’s part.



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