IBM layoffs


Fact is that sales have stagnated and Big Blue need to take action. Engineers, designers and others including management level will be affected.

Layoffs of thousands is coming in Essex Junction and all around the United States but the real numbers stay secret. People affected expect major changes in their life style. The Vermont Department of Labor announced preparations to assist them.
The layoff will be effective in 30 days after notification. Pink slips arrived Wednesday for many actual employees. This reduction will include even executives. The company did not return calls on Wednesday and it’s not transparency in his actions.

Sales in 2012 were 2.4 billion down from 2011. Thomson Reuters revenue estimates further decline for 2013. There is hope that a part of the quality IBM employees are becoming able to find other work opportunities elsewhere.
Some other businesses relayed to IBM – like Rocky’s N.Y. Pizza services for IBM workers – will be affected too.


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