Starbucks expands no-smoking policy to outdoor seating areas


The new policy came into effect at over 7000 coffeehouses starting with this Saturday. When asked about what will the company do to violators of these rules a Starbucks spokeswoman explained that Starbucks will solve any arising problem amicably.

The no-smoking policy was somehow expected as nowadays smoking in public areas is banned according to many local jurisdictions.

However, by enforcing this new policy Starbucks might just very well be the first major retail chain to enforce no-smoking for outdoor areas.

Starbucks’ new no-smoking policy for outdoor seating areas is void and will not be applied in those states where the law says it’s legal to smoke on the streets. While Starbucks’ decision is already boycotted by some smokers most of Starbucks’ customers love it and support this great initiative.


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