Youtube debuts long-time rumored pay-to-subscribe channels on Friday


The company taught us to love free viral videos. And this is why the news is disappointing for some Youtube users that were just waiting to no longer have to pay the TV cable provider for television and hoping that someday Youtube might be a viable cable provider replacement.

The 14 pay-to-subscribe channels don’t provide top quality content just yet. So users dreaming of Internet TV can’t see their dream come through right now but the future is promising. While it will still take some time until internet video-sharing websites like Youtube will be able to challenge big cable companies and force them to drop their the price for your monthly bill, Youtube viewers can now view and pick whatever they want with as low as $0.99 per channel per month.

Traditional cable model was not killed just yet but Youtube’s recent move just goes to prove that online paid content is the future. Excitement is in the air when you just think about the potential implications.


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