T-Mobile Sold 500,000 iPhone 5 since its launch on the carrier


On Wednesday, the carrier revealed its earnings report according to which T-Mobile has sold as many as 500,000 units of iPhone 5 since the device went on for sale April 12, 2013. The figures are impressive considering the time frame.


The day, on which the iPhone first went on sale, the company reported that there were lines outside their store doors which are a rare thing for the nation’s 4th largest carrier.

One of the representatives from the carrier company stated the selling on first day as “gangbusters.”

Aside from the sales revenue generated from iPhone sales, T-Mobile USA’s earnings from other sectors were disappointing. Compared to a year earlier; the earnings during the first quarter declined by 7 percent. That being said, the quarter ended before the starting of iPhone signifying things might take a U-turn next quarter.  The reports also exclude any benefit perceived from the merger with MetroPCS. Now, only time will say whether the growth exhibited by the addition of iPhone in the T-Mobile line help the company grow further or not.



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