Facebook Reports Surge in Revenue from Mobile Ads


In the past there has been substantial doubt over whether or not Facebook can sell Ads on mobile devices with success. There were fears from the investor’s side about the probable impact of failure of mobile Ads sales.

Nevertheless, Facebook reported that 30% of the total revenue generated in the 1st quarter has come from mobile Ads. $0.372bn revenues were generated from mobile advertising.

Overall, Facebook reported a net profit of $219m for the 1st quarter i.e. from January to March.

Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said that the company has made a lot of progress in the first quarter of the New Year. In spite of the surge in earnings, net income was not as lucrative due to the fact that, expenditures on infrastructure rose during the period along with the total number of employees. All these rendered into 60 percent rise in the total cost.

Overall, $1.1bn was spent in the 1st quarter contrasting to a net income of $1.25bn.


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