Net Income of Comcast Increases by 17%


The net income has increased to $1.44 billion at the end of March 31. The rise in the net income is predominantly because of the more expensive bills paid by 72% of the Comcast subscribers. An operating income of $3.07 billion is reported by the company with revenue of $15.3 billion.

Despite the growth, there are still signs that the company might have reached a saturation level in terms of core cable & Internet subscription business.

Comcast has lost as many as 60 thousand cable subscribers, new broadband subscriptions dropped by 1% and the only growth was observed in the number of phone service customers.

Despite the negative growth in cable subscription and broadband subscriptions, there’s still a collective gain for the company in terms of cumulative customer gain. As a matter of fact, the company gained 583,000 customers during the quarter i.e. a 3.2% gain for the company.


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