Kool-Aid Man gets a new look and a personality


While the idea of having someone in a foam costume bust through walls while saying “Oh yeah!” was really something, Kool-Aid decided it’s time to refresh its image. The mascot’s new look comes at the same time with the launch of a new Kool-Aid liquid mix.

The new Kool-Aid man will also have a personality. The idea is to have the mascot take the personality of a celebrity that tries to prove everyone he’s like them. The change comes at a critical point as Kool-Aid is having tough times while competing with other brands of liquid mixes.

According to market research analysts the brand’s sales in the United States alone were down 5 percent this year alone. With the new liquid mix Kraft Foods returns to Kool-Aid’s roots and hopefully with the mascot’s new look they can recover and have a steady increase in sales.


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