Target Mistakenly Names Sandals after Urine


Last week, the company’s ‘manetee gray’ collection of plus size dresses and ‘dark heather gray’ maxi dresses got massive criticism. Now, Target is relabeling their sandals after finding out too late that they had named the sandals after bodily excrement in another language. The company had named the sandals ‘Orina’ in reference to the Russian meaning of peaceful or peace and only found out last week that the Spanish would derive a different meaning all together from the name. The sandals had been on sale both on and Target stores since February, but now they are no longer available online.

However, consumers are more amused about the whole incident as opposed to being outraged. On the other hand, the company’s ‘dark heather gray’ maxis sparked outrage due to the color connotation while the ‘manatee gray’ for the reckless disregard on women’s image perception.


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