Taco Bell to Offer A More Balanced Menu


Greg Creed, Taco Bell’s CEO, told reporters that the chain would be exploring diverse products and they will nationally launch the new changes in 2014. He added that their current menu items will undergo reformulations, but that they would still stay true to the Taco Bell brand. Taco Bell said that they are targeting to implement government set nutritional guidelines for fat and calories by 2020. This implies that their menu items will constitute one third of the daily 2000-2500 recommended calorie intake. The announcement is not free from skepticism because the company has previously been known to urge consumers to enjoy nachos as a ‘fourth meal.’

In the 2006 to 2011 periods, food chains which expanded their menus to include healthier options saw an 11% increase on their consumer traffic while those that didn’t lost consumer traffic by 15%.


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