Sergey Brin enjoys his pimped batmobile after epic April Fool’s prank


The target of this epic April Fool’s prank was none other than Sergey Brin, the Google co-founder. His Tesla car was pimped out to look a little more like the batmobile. The car has now rear-side wings attached to the car body and a big batman logo painted on the hood. As part of the prank the car color was also changed to a shade of pink. Although Google’s logo was not painted anywhere the Google Chrome logo got its way onto the rims.

The idea of this prank came to some Google employees after Google’s interest has lately focused things like spy-like eyewear(Google Glass) and self-driving cars. Sergey Brin was spotted while driving his pimped Tesla wearing his Glass goggles and he was enjoying a nice ride while having the sunroof open.



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