Best Buy to Open 1,400 in-store Experience Shops for Samsung



The news has been confirmed through a statement released on Thursday. Sometime in April, the Best Buy stores are expected to roll out and around 900 Experience Shops are expected to be up and running in selected Best Buys stored by the starting of May, with the remaining Experience Stores to roll out by early summer.

Tablets, smartphones, laptops and other accessories will be features in the Samsung Experience Shops. Customers will be able to have access to a wide range of Samsung products and at the same time test these products at the store-within-a-store establishments.  Size of the Experience Shops will vary, and the largest store is expected to be about 460 square feet in dimension.

A section of the 1400 Best Buy Experience Stores will also provide Samsung Smart Service. The service will involve both Best Buy employees and Samsung Experience Consultants and will aid customers in shopping for gadgets. The Best Buy employees will be trained to offer support to the incoming consumers.




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