April Fools Bacon Condoms might become the real deal


Baconlube started out as an April Fools’ joke. However, some people were so intrigued by the idea that they began making pressure for the production of such a product. Due to popular demand Justin and Dave eventually created the product and offered it for sale on their website.

This year, around 1st of April, J&D is doing it again. The newly introduced latex condoms look, smell and taste like bacon. The condoms are lubricated with the already existing Baconlube and are made out so that they can “make your meat look like meat”. The so called bacon condom pack is already listed for sale on the BaconSalt online store. The product is not yet marked as being available and there are high chances that this is another April Fools’ hoax that could become reality if there’s enough demand for it.

Link: http://store.baconsalt.com/Bacon-Condoms_p_177.html


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