Mystery Buyer Orders 1 million BlackBerry 10 Handsets


This particular deal stands out because it the single-largest purchase orders the company has ever received in its history. Shipment is expected to start immediately, as the company stated. This is also the first time the smart phone manufacturer has revealed their sales data. BlackBerry market shares rose significantly by over 8% following the purchase announcement yesterday, closing at $16.04 up $1.21 at the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The phone was released in the United Kingdom and Canada in February this year, while Verizon Wireless has announced that they will start stocking the phone in the US on March 28th. T-Mobile and AT&T are also expected to begin stocking the device for their business customers as soon as end of the week.

The company will not reveal who the buyer is and Adam Emery, BlackBerry’s spokesman, said in a statement that they were bound by confidentiality not to disclose who their partner was. There are speculations that the buyer could be military, government or a carrier.


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