Apology issued by Microsoft for violation of EU antitrust order



The huge is a signal of the fact that the Europe is not going to let is easy for Facebook and who are trying to expand online privacy rights for individuals. The policy is expected to spurge the growth of online advertising.

A tech analyst at the tech industry said that, the event of fine puts more focus on how significant it is for global companies to take laws and customs into account.

Citing a technical glitch, Microsoft took complete responsibility for the company’s failure to provide European consumers with the choice of web browsers in shipping around 15 million copies of Windows 7 OS.

That antitrust case started back in 2004 with Microsoft paying $357 as fines in 2006 and $1.3 billion in the year 2008 for being sluggish to pay the fines.

Last year the company’s board slashed down the bonus of the CEO Steve Ballmer in an anticipation to pay off an embarrassingly huge sanction.



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