Mark Zuckerberg reportedly met with Snapchat founders before releasing Poke



While Snapchat was remarked as a photo sharing application that allowed users to send lightweight and less permanent messages Mark Zuckerberg still felt there was room for improvement. This is how Poke was born.

This new application was a hit on its first day after being listed on the App Store. Poke even managed to rise to the top of the App Store listings. However, many of its fans soon began seeing Poke as a rip-off of the popular application Snapchat. This is one of the reasons why Poke lost its intrigue not too long after being released.

Snapchat is still popular. With 3.4 million users in December Snapchat can brag with over 60 million images being shared per day by its users. When Snapchat was reached for comment about Facebook’s Poke application the Snapchat founders only said: “Welcome Facebook. Seriously”. This is a play on words in regards to an old newspaper ad with quoted IBM instead of Facebook.



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