GM Takes Back 13,680 Cars Due To Faulty Parts


On Thursday, GM stated that the issues haven’t yet caused any accidents.

GM has recalled 8,519 units of ‘Chevrolet Malibu Sedan’ cars, Model- 2013 across the U.S.   Documents issued at the ‘National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’ say that it is possible that some rear suspension nut bolts weren’t tightened properly and the mistake can cause the driver to loose handling and crash. 1,060 units of the same car are being taken back from Mexico, Canada and other overseas countries.

Also, GM has already recalled 3,896 cars, all 2012 models of Sonic, Buick Verano, Chevy Camaro and Cruze cars in America for potential faulty airbags. Airbags in front on the driver’s side have been fitted with a ‘Shorting Bar’ that could make intermittent contacts with the airbag terminals causing failure in deploying airbags and finally serious injuries.

GM has already started notifying the owners. The recalling process is to start on 13th February.


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