Justin Bieber is facing a new paternity scandal

A year and a half ago Justin Bieber was caught in the center of a paternity scandal after a fan complaint. The girl who claimed to have had a sexual encounter with Justin Bieber was accusing him of  getting her pregnant. The accusations proved to be false and the file was closed.

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‘Accidental Racist’ Stirs Up the Wrong Tune

‘Accidental Racist’ the new collaboration single between country musician Brad Paisley and rapper LL Cool J has stirred up the wrong tune since its release. The online world has come out lashing at the song, not because of its lyrical sentiments but for what most say is simply a bad song.
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Psy's new single Gentleman released one day earlier

The Korean rapper Psy who is known world-wide for his K-pop single "Gangnam Style" has a hard act to follow. Gangnam Style was so viral that it broke the mark of one billion Youtube views. Now Psy's latest single called Gentleman raised mixed opinions.

While some fans are disappointed because either the song is "not really unique" or is a total "let-down" most of them think the new song is "catchy" and "brilliant".

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Justin Bieber to be prosecuted for spitting on his neighbor

According to a recent report the Los Angeles Country Sherriff's department wants to have Justin Bieber prosecuted after the star allegedly spit on his neighbor.

Bieber's neighbor came to his home to complain about the star. According to his statement Bieber endangered the safety of other residents when he drove his Ferrari car at high speeds in the neighborhood.

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