Actor Power Allen Boothe died aged 68

Actor Power Allen Boothe died Sunday at the age of 68, in his sleep, from apparent natural causes, in Los Angeles. Boothe starred as a true-life demagogue and cult-leader in the CBS docudrama Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones in 1980. Boothe won an Emmy for this movie. He also starred in Curly Bill, Tombstone and Extreme Prejudice.

In recent years, Boothe played the vice president who ascends to the highest office after the president is debilitated in Season 6 of Fox’s 24, and he played off his ominous presence as Col. Jim Faith, supervising Will Forte’s ingenious (but hapless) special operative in the 2010 cult-favorite comedy MacGruber. In Marvel’s The Avengers and ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. he played the World Security Council leader Gideon Malick and on TV’s Nashville he played the wealthy father of Connie Britton’s country star Rayna Jaymes. He also had many other roles  and provided voice for the video games Area 51, Turok and Hitman Absolution. Boothe was a graduated of Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos.