Simpsons series to end after 23 years?

Previous salary disputes and the fact that Fox wanted in the past to replace the voice of the current actors with similar voices certinately didn't lead anyone to believe that it will all come down to this.

Two days ago (Monday, October 3) Fox gave this shocking declaration: "We believe this brilliant series can and should continue, but we cannot produce future seasons under its current financial model."

This time the Fox network planned to cut down the cast salaries by 30% and in exchange to offer a little piece of the back-end profits (comming merchandising and syndication). Reportedly the cast was willing to cut their take to about a third but it seems that this is still not enough for the network. (The Simpsons series voice cast team reportedly makes over $8 million each year, Fox plans to take $4 million each year from leaving the voice cast team with $4 million).

Fox is raking in up to billions from this show alone. We've seen TV salary showdowns like this before, in some the stars have won, in others they didn't.

  • Written by Julius
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