CBS Renews “Two and a Half Men” for one more year, Aston Kutcher and John Cryer returns

The Men of TV are not going anywhere. At least, the two men on the show are to be seen in the 11th season of TVs one of the most popular shows.

Both Aston Kutcher and John Cryer have signed a one year deal with CBS. The half men on the show “Angus T. Jones” meanwhile is unlikely to be included the regular cast. He is likely to reprise a recurring role in the show. Charlie Sheen’s replacement Aston Kutcher is rumored to receive $700,000 per episode, and John Cryer is also expected to receive slightly less than Aston’s figures.

Angus T. Jones' future on the sitcom has been under review since the “half men” made startling remarks about the show on YouTube. In the video, T. Jones termed the series as filled with "filth" and also expressed his wish to no longer be associated with the show.

Creator of the show Chuck Lorre on the hand said that, he’d think that Angus T. Jones would return to the show too. He further commented that since Angus T. Jones made a public apology, we have moved on.

The most likely scenario seems like T. Jones would return as a recurring character.