Disney movies producer company is confronting with the gay controversy in the society

After Disney company introduced the first homosexual kissing scene in the cartoon “Star vs. the World” followed by announcement of an “exclusively gay moment” in the new live-action version of the “Beauty and the Beast,” many offensive reactions appeared. Especially conservative Christians who still believe in traditional marriage made publicly a radical position.

The fact that a story, beloved by both adults and children, would be used to subtly introduce the idea that gay is OK was rejected. Possibly, many parents will react boycotting  the movie. Life Petitions launched #boycottdisney within hours of the “Beauty and the Beast.” What is happening, for real ?  The one side of the argument insists that homosexuality is natural and normal. And the other side believes that heterosexuality is the intention and creation of God, that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Probably another idea must be too considered: the family friendly entertainment, as a concept, must not contain something which could offend spirits. It must be easy to be supported by all people and this will result in financial success. A proof for this ? The Henagar Drive-In Theatre in DeKalb County has canceled its screenings of “Beauty and the Beast” because the film will feature Disney’s first openly gay character.