Suspected lost DaVinci painting found after 52 years

Fiona McLaren, a 59 year old woman from Scotland, got this painting as a gift from her mother almost two decades ago. Neither she or her mom knew about the actual value of the painting. Fiona left it in her farm where dust settled over the work of art as years passed.

She was close to tossing the painting in the garbage a couple of times. Because Fiona McLaren was experiencing financial problems she decided to go with the painting to an art expert and she it's worth. The expert was stunned as he immediately knew the woman had a DaVinci in her hands. The painting was sent in England to be carbon dated and to have its authenticity verified.

The McLaren family had the painting since the early '60s. Fiona's father, George was a doctor. He got the painting as a gift and token of apreciation from one of his patients. DaVinci's paintings are unique in the world and they sell for no less than 100 million euros. If the painting will be confirmed as a real DaVinci's work of art Fiona McLaren will be a millionare.