Gabriel Garcia Marquez died Thursday , 87 old

One of the most revered and influential writers of his generation, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel laureate , died Thursday, 87 old, at his home in southern Mexico City. The Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos expressed his respect saying on Twitter: "A thousand years of solitude and sadness because of the death of the greatest Colombian of all time!"

Gay Navy SEAL's career crushed after his secret was out

Brett Jones, a decorated Navy SEAL who survived two overseas deployments, saw his career derailing after his secret sexual orientation was revealed. When he came back to the states his boyfriend left him a message on the phone. The answering machine recorded message ended up with three words that were about to unknowingly destroy the Navy SEAL's career: "I love you!". 

Marvel tries to revolutionize comics with adaptive audio

With an updated version of Marvel comics app subscribers were pleasantly surprised when they noticed the adaptive background audio. Marvel hopes this will be as revolutionary for comics as audio was for films. Such an effect will be hard to be reproduced though many say their comic book reading experience was greatly improved.

Invisible man book ban in North Carolina

Invisible Man book banRalph Ellison's landmark novel "Invisible Man" was banned from school libraries in Randolph County, North Carolina.  The ban was due to a lack of "literary value" and happened soon after a parent of an eleventh grader complained to the school district about the book's availability. The parent's disapproval relates mostly to the fact that the novel is too filthy for teenagers.