Two paintings by Vincent van Gogh were rescued from a Camorra crime clan

Two paintings by Vincent van Gogh that were stolen from a museum in Amsterdam more than a decade ago were recovered by Anti-mafia police in Naples. The paintings were found during a raid of the Camorra crime clan as part of a crackdown targeting cocaine trafficking. They are in reasonable condition although both are missing their frames and have some damage.

Recent study reveals key factors for writing content analysis essay

A new study provides an explanation of content analysis and how it is used to examine and check any type of writing. It deals with a number of fields. Starting from the marketing and stretching to literature, content analysis is required almost in every field. This is also used in literature, which deals with the issues that are related to the age in political and cognitive aspects.

First editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone worth thousands of dollars

A typo existing in the first 500 hardback copies of the novel makes the wizarding book stand out from the rest. These first editions are worth thousands of dollars for the right collector. One of the first found typos in the very first Harry Potter books is found in the list of supplies first-year wizards are expected to bring with them to Hogwarts.

The “International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights” - 2016

The “International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights” (FIFDH) this year took place in Geneva between 4 and 13 March. It’s idea is to provoke debate and to shine a light on the aspects of abuses going on in the world around us. It was created by Léo Kaneman and co-founded by Yäel Reinharz Hazan, Pierre Hazan and Isabelle Gattiker in November 2002. Its first edition took place in March 2003. The concept is “ A film, A subject, A debate.”