„Woah Vicky” was arrested in the weekend

Victoria Waldrip, the 17-year-old who goes by Woah Vicky and Icky Vicky on Instagram and has more than 1.4 million of followers on the social network was arrested in the last weekend on trespassing and assault on a police officer charges after a disturbance at a North Carolina mall that sparked panic and fears of shots fired by an active shooter.

The incident took place at the Four Seasons Town Centre Mall and Waldrip is accused of kicking an officer. She was later booked into the Guilford Jail. No shots were fired but one person was treated for a panic attack. Waldrip posted two videos of the incident at Four Seasons Town Centre Mall on her Instagram page on Sunday.

Victoria Waldrip - "Woah Vicky" on Instagram

Vicky wrote on Instagram:

“We out [...] #f*ck12 , f*ck @cityofgreensboro ,
f*ck #greensboropolicedepartment f*ck all them
they racists asf and dumb asf! They broke my
baby @virgin.child nose and gave him a concussion
for no reason ! They reason for arresting us is
because ‘there were too many kids coming up
to us asking for pictures’ But we out now that’s all
that matters ❤️"

Police told media that Waldrip resisted arrest. She was released on bail but faces up to 210 days in jail if convicted. Potential fines may apply.