Pop star reaction after a video of Jerry Seinfeld refusing to hug her went viral

American singer and songwriter Kesha Rose Sebert had to find the hard way that only some people are huggers while others just like their personal space. At the Kennedy Center red carpet event for the "Night of Laughter & Song" in Washington D.C., Kesha was denied a hug from comedian Jerry Seinfeld after she wanted introduce herself to him. She not only asked for a hug but also went in for the hug which was firmly denied.

Everything was filmed and it didn't take long for the video of the rejection to become viral. The pop star singer addressed what happened in an interview: "I felt like I was five years old. I instantly was like, 'Oh, f*** me.' And I, like, eventually ended up in my very own — mini-episode — of Seinfeld for approximately five seconds", Kesha recalled.


Jerry Seinfeld refusing to hug the pop star

Even though Seinfeld wasn't the kind of guy to greet a fan with a hug, Kesha explained that in the end she got the perfect hug she was looking for. At a music festival living legend Bob Dylan hugged the American pop singer. She revealed how it all magically happened: "So I just walked up (to him), and I just kind of stood there smiling... He then opened his beautiful arms and gave me the most wonderful, healing Bob Dylan hug that I have ever dreamt of..." Bob Dylan is Kesha's favorite rock idol. The pop star's fans would agree that in the end this wasn't a bad consolation prize.