Ten new planets like Earth were added on the planets catalogue by NASA research

Ten new planets which may be about the same size and temperature as Earth, boosting their chances of hosting life were found by NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope observing about 200,000 sample stars in the constellation Cygnus. “An important question for us is, ‘Are we alone?’” Kepler program scientist Mario Perez said in a conference call.

NASA begins preparing a new team of astronauts for its future missions in space

Six military officers, three scientists, two medical doctors, a lead engineer at SpaceX and a NASA research pilot are the 12 news candidates, seven men and five women,  selected by NASA to prepare future missions in space, including to Mars. This is the largest group NASA has selected in almost two decades and this time from a record 18,300 applicants.

NASA will send a probe to study sun in 2018

NASA's officials announced Wednesday that the upcoming sun-studying mission, which will come much closer to Earth's star than any spacecraft in history, has been renamed the Parker Solar Probe, in honor of pioneering University of Chicago astrophysicist Eugene Parker, who predicted the existence of the solar wind.